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Do you need an implant with your breast lift?

Do you need an implant with your breast lift?

The word “need” is a strong word. You never “need” anything in elective cosmetic surgery. That being said, there are instances where you may benefit from the addition of a breast implant at the time of a breast lift surgery (also known as an augmentation mastopexy procedure). It is important to understand what each part of the operation accomplishes.

The breast lift or mastopexy is designed to remove excess skin, lift the location of nipple and areola, and create a rounder and more youthful breast shape. The mastopexy will not make the breast any larger and tends not to alter the volume in the upper pole of the breast.

Breast Lift VS. Breast Reduction: Which Procedure Is Right For You? 

Breast Lift VS. Breast Reduction: Which Procedure is Right For you Intro

Cosmetic breast procedures have become increasingly popular, offering individuals the opportunity to enhance their physical appearance and boost their self-confidence. The three main categories of breast procedures are augmentations (making the breasts larger), reductions (making the breasts smaller), and breast lifts or mastopexies (raising the height of the nipple and/or reshaping the breast tissue). Some procedures combine portions of these operations into a single cosmetic surgery.

There is some confusion regarding breast reductions and mastopexies. Patients often come to me requesting a breast reduction when they actually are describing a mastopexy and vice versa. While both involve alterations to the breasts, they serve distinct purposes and cater to unique patient needs. Let’s delve into the nuances that differentiate mastopexy and breast reduction.

The three-part lower blepharoplasty: A guide to cosmetic surgery of the lower eyelids 

lower blepharoplasty: cosmetic surgery of the lower eyelids

The shape of the eye does not generally change with age. Over time, factors such as aging, genetics, smoking, and other environmental exposures lead to the development of more prominent “bags” or fat pads of the lower eyelid. Individuals typically complain of looking tired regardless of how much they actually slept. A lower blepharoplasty addresses these concerns by strategically removing volume of the lower eyelid inorder to restore a more youthful contour to the eyes.

Unveiling The Aging Upper Eye: A Guide To Upper Blepharoplasty

Unveiling Upper Blepharoplasty Intro

Introduction to Upper Blepharoplasty: An upper blepharoplasty, or an upper eyelid lift, is a plastic surgery procedure that is meant to improve the appearance of the aging upper eyelid. Debunking Myths: Understanding the True Effects of Upper Eyelid Surgery The shape of the eye does not generally change with age. Over time, factors such as […]