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Do you need an implant with your breast lift?

Do you need an implant with your breast lift? The word “need” is a strong word. You never “need” anything in elective cosmetic surgery. That being said, there are instances where you may benefit from the addition of a breast implant at the time of a breast lift surgery (also known as an augmentation mastopexy procedure). It is important to understand what each part of the operation accomplishes.

The breast lift or mastopexy is designed to remove excess skin, lift the location of nipple and areola, and create a rounder and more youthful breast shape. The mastopexy will not make the breast any larger and tends not to alter the volume in the upper pole of the breast.

There are several characteristics that a breast implant will help improve

  1. Restoring or augmenting volume: One of the primary benefits of a breast implant is increasing breast volume. After breast feeding, weight loss, or hormonal changes, the breasts may lose significant volume. This can be regained with the addition of a breast implant. Alternatively, some patients simply want to have larger breasts.
  2. Improving upper pole fullness: The upper pole of the breast (the area above the nipple) is not typically able to be improved with standard breast lift techniques. If this aesthetic is desired, an implant is one of the best ways to predictably improve upper pole aesthetics.
  3. Improving the overall shape of the breast: A breast implant is a round device with varying width and projection. The implant will thus provide volume for medial cleavage, lateral breast volume, overall projection of the breast mound, and as we mentioned above, superior pole fullness.

It is important to note that a breast lift does not increase breast size and a breast implant does not lift the breast. They both do different things and each patient should be analyzed thoroughly to decide which procedure(s) is right for them.

My favorite question to ask my patients who are deciding between a lift and a lift plus implants is: Do you like the size of your breasts in a nonpadded bra?

If the answer is no then the patient would likely benefit from an implant

If the answer is yes then the patient typically would proceed without an implant. Although, if the patient wanted superior pole fullness then they may benefit from an implant and a simultaneous small breast reduction (the plus/minus procedure). This is a bit outside the scope of this article but is one caveat when using my favorite question above.

When considering any procedure, it is essential for individuals to consult with a plastic surgeon that can assess their specific concerns, goals, and medical history to determine the best treatment plan.

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Felice Ecker
Felice Ecker
00:44 23 Sep 23
Please share the photos They can best show my recovery in such a short time. Dr Wilson’s skill as a surgeon is superb !!!
Harriet Dubroff
Harriet Dubroff
17:03 07 Sep 23
I am a new patient of Dr WilsonI was quite nervous concerning my procedureI found him to be very professional & caring surgeon with a wonderful bedside mannerhe always responded promptly whenever I contacted himhe is truly an artist at his work5 stars are not nearly enoughHarriet dubroff,
lain miller
lain miller
19:17 05 Sep 23
Dr. Wilson stitched me after I had MOHS surgery on my face. He was incredibly cautious and walked me through all the best stitching possibilities. Once he explained the best way to end up with the smallest scar, he stitched me up and I was healed in a week. The mark is so small you almost can’t see it. In 6 month to a year with proper care and treatment I’m sure it will be gone.
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